The van der Dussen have a long family history, crossing continents and centuries.

They were often military but also landowners, magistrates, sailors, diplomats, religious personages, art dealers and brewers, before becoming journalists, architects and civil servants... In the beginning, they lived between Holland and Brabant in the castle of Dussen, then in the city of Delft (where they were invariably mayor), Utrecht, Amsterdam etc. They then spread throughout the Law Countries successively Burgundian, Spanish, Austrian, French... (ie Belgium and the Netherlands today).

This site is dedicated to the history of the van der Dussen Family. You will find episodes, funny or dramatic, characters dark or picturesque, wars and love stories, friendships and trials... great history as well as anecdotes.

The castle Dussen, as it looks today. See Wikipedia for more details. 




The family arms, since the beginning of its story ; you can read its device by clicking on the picture :  "Nec temere, nec timide" or "Nor reckless, nor timorous".