Notes and corrections

I Disputes on the official genealogic tree

In an article published in the Belgian journal "Parchemin" July-August 1999, Mr Douxchamps made reservations about the family tree, as listed by JK in 1992. His reservations are based inter alia on the work of JC Korts in a study on the Dutch archives VDD (Hoge Raad van Adel, 's-Gravenhage 1992). Here is a summary.

Note: for clarity keep the drawing of the general tree in view (general view).

JC Korts dropped the branch B of the tree: its first representative, Jacob VDD, and his wife Deliana Oom were actually called Jan Jacob Bruinszoon, and his wife Klaasje Ewoutsdochter (with patronymic names still in use at the time, the use of surnames became widespread later).

Klaasje was a van der Dussen and Jan Jacob and his descendants adopted her surname.

Branch B disappears taking with it  the branches CDEFGHIJKLM. So the whole Dutch family VDD (including Bruno etc.) is not directely attached to the first lords of Dussen, Branch A, whose family is considered extinct. (But these Dutch branches B to M are still attached to the branch A by a woman, Klaasje).

JC Korts continues to prune the branch O : Cornelis (1481-1556) is not of the same family. And another big branch falls, taking with it the PQRST branches.

Douxchamps himself make some reservations about the parentage of the branch N (Belgian branch.) Josse VDD, who died in 1532, the first VDD living in Brussels, was the son of Pieter VDD. There could be confusion with another Josse VDD who was also cited on the Board of Brabant, and possible errors on his marriages may exist. Despite all this, between Pieter, Josse and the VDD's of Kestergat, filiation is validated.

On the other hand, the attachment of Pieter to the lords of Dussen is not really proven. Mr Douxchamps intended to address it to JK, evidence of that may exist somewhere. Unfortunately, JK died a few months after these exchanges, and new research is yet to begin.

II Minor corrections

The names of additional children are missing (eg the descendants of Nicolas XII B 4), and a few minor items of new information discovered since 1992 have yet to be reported. Missing too are the van der Dussen children born since 1992.

This will be the subject of a future version of the site.